Workshop cleanup

AWS only charges for consumed resources. Please follow the steps below to shutdown or delete resources so you will not be charged.

  1. Delete the S3 bucket by selecting the bucket then clicking Delete from above the list of buckets.

  2. From the AWS RoboMaker console, make sure there are no simulation jobs in progress. If there are, select them and click Actions->Cancel.

  3. Also from the AWS RoboMaker Console, from Development->Development environments, click on the environment name, Edit, then Delete from the AWS Cloud9 console.

  4. In the CloudWatch Console, under Logs, select each LogGroup (/aws/robomake/SimulationJobs and dogfinder_workshop) and click Actions->Delete log group.

  5. In Kinesis Video Streams, delete your stream which will release the stored video content.

  6. In CloudFormation, select the stack you created and click Delete Stack.